​Euler Hermes is an ideal non-competing, highly rated (AA- rating from Standard & Poor's and Dagong Europe), lower risk alternative for local, regional and international banks.
Having the best-in-class products and services is only the first step on what Euler Hermes provides. We work closely with bank partners to identify opportunities, ensure superior sales and post-sales experience which helps to add value to your business and improve your relationship with clients. We have partnership with top-tier banks in Asia.
Contact us to learn more:
  • How to reduce credit risk in Trade Finance, Corporate Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Surety, Export & Commodities Finance and Asset Finance;
  • How to protect your counterparty risk exposure and to boost and improve on risk-weighted asset;
  • How to enjoy an enhanced trade solution suite that you can offer your business client, allowing them to explore sales opportunities in new markets safely and profitably;
  • How you can protect your customer's trade risks, enhance your value proposition and customer experience and potentially grow your non-risk income.