Key benefits



In the midst of a global recessionary climate, with a three percent increase in the number of insolvencies forecasted* and the tightening of credit across the board, credit management is more important than ever for your business’ success.

Credit insurance​ does more than just ensure your invoices are paid. It can help your business succeed by providing the following benefits:

Safer busi​​ness growth

Credit insurance gives you the confidence to expand your sales to new and existing customers and markets. It also enables you to sell on open account terms, which can be a major competitive advantage, especially for exporters.

Thorough customer insights

Our knowledge helps you pick the right customers and make the best decisions for your business. We tell you everything you need to know about your customers, your potential customers and your marketplace to grow with confidence. Our risk information database is a valuable support to your in-house credit management.

Optimized risk management

With a credit insurance policy, you can better control and protect against bad-debt losses. You can minimize your risk when exploring and developing new markets. Credit insurance also gives you the reassurance that your invoices will be paid even if your customers default, which is critical to protecting your cash flows.

Better borrowing and financing options

Your business can secure better borrowing terms with the security that credit insurance provides. In some cases, your bank or lender may actually require credit insurance in order to qualify for a loan.

*Euler Hermes insolvency index