How does credit insurance work?




A credit insurance policy is more than just a piece of paper. With the policy, we become your partner and help your business succeed.


"We ​receive  over 20,000 credit 
l​imit requests 
e​​​very​ day a​nd proc​ess ​81 % ​of 
th​em in less than 48 hours."

We analyze the credit worthiness and financial stability of your insured customers and assign them a specific credit limit, which is the amount we will indemnify if that insured customer fails to pay.
At anytime during the policy’s life, you may request additional coverage for trade with any of your customers, if the need arises. While we continuously monitor each of your insured customers, we will evaluate the risk of increasing the coverage and will either approve the additional credit limit request or decline it with a clear and timely explanation. You can also request a credit limit for a new customer that you would like to start doing business with.

It is our responsibility to proactively monitor the credit worthiness of your customers. We do this by gathering information about your customers from a variety of sources, including visits to the customer, public records, information supplied by other policyholders that sell to the same customer, receipt of financial statements, and past due reports.

This information is constantly being updated and cross referenced. If our information indicates one of your customers is experiencing financial difficulty, we will notify you of the increased risk and help you establish an action plan to mitigate and avoid loss. 

While credit insurance indemnifies losses incurred from non payment of commercial debt the ultimate goal is to help your business avoid foreseeable losses. If a loss does occur with an insured customer, we will indemnify the loss up the policy’s credit limit.