Bonds abroad



​You can count on our long experience in foreign bonding too. Euler Hermes stands at your side as an internationally experienced guarantor all over the world.​

Foreign transactions frequently require demand guarantees, payable on demand, with hardly any possibility of pleading non-performance of the underlying contract first. Euler Hermes helps its clients to obtain better conditions in discharging their liabilities.  ​

If you supply goods or provide services in other countries, we can provide bonds and guarantees in favour of your foreign clients, taking account of the different ways of doing business in every country. 

Public sector customers outside Europe often demand surety from a guarantor in their own country. In this case you can count on us: where necessary we make use of our international network of correspondent firms – Euler Hermes or Allianz affiliates as well as other local insurance companies and banks – who act as fronting companies in the country concerned. They provide the surety you or your subsidiaries need locally, on our behalf and backed by our guarantee.​

Ongoing professional advice in large-scale international projects

The coordination of major infrastructure projects such as the construction of dams,
tunnels or bridges is a task of huge complexity. The provision of the necessary “jumbo bonds” needs to be planned in good time and coordinated between the construction consortia, clients, guarantee insurers and banks involved. 

The earlier you bring Euler Hermes into the proceedings, the more effectively our surety concepts can strengthen your negotiating position. Even though the bonds required can often only be issued by an international consortium of guarantors, we can give you the support you need in arranging international sureties with our expertise and international contacts.