Our debt recovery solutions



Whether you have a credit insurance policy with us or not we can offer you our debt collection solutions any time you don’t get paid for the products and services you deliver, wherever your customer may be.​

Collecting bad debts both domestically and globally requires a local presence. This is why we offer debt collection solutions throughout the world using the Euler Hermes worldwide network of offices and agents, enabling us to collect in the country of the debt.
Through this network we have developed an unbeatable knowledge of local regulations and cultural understanding. We will work in any market, in any time zone, conduct negotiations in various languages, and deal with the intricacies of any local legal system.

A comprehensive service

We can handle the complete process, from initial debtor contact through to legal proceedings.  Through our comprehensive debt collection process, we can provide you with regular updates to ensure you are fully informed of the current status of your debt. 

Legal Debt Collection

Here at Euler Hermes a court order is a last resort, not the first step. If our pre-legal action is unsuccessful, we can carry out legal action on your behalf.
Should legal action become necessary, we can provide lawyers who specialise in the trading laws of the individual country involved. They will discuss the case with you in detail – in particular the likely cost and time implications of any legal action that you may wish to consider.
For more information on legal action in different countries, please check our country websites. 

Insured Debt Collection

The combination of credit insurance and debt collection helps to speed and simplify all the processes involved. Using this type of combined service solution Euler Hermes takes care of all the administrative duties connected with collecting companies' debts.​


For more information on pricing please complete our online contact form or visit your local country website.​
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